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TOP   〉 Environmental Activities:A message from Management

A message from Management

Turning mottainai
(“What a waste!”) into action

Koyo Sangyo has positioned response to the environment as one of management’s most important issues, and in addition to striving to provide products that place little burden on the environment at each stage from product development to manufacturing and distribution, we will eliminate antisocial behavior that threatens human health and safety.

To accomplish this, we believe that it is important to fuse Japan’s unique mental culture of mottainai (“What a waste!”) with our corporate policy to “thoroughly gather a broad range of information, establish original technology, and transform that technology into products.”


Specifically, we take the following actions in our corporate activities.


  • 1.Comply with applicable laws and regulations related to the environment, and contribute to prevent the environment pollution (energy conservation, waste reduction, etc.).
  • 2.Promote practical application of “products” and “technology” that respond to the environment.
  • 3.Conduct education and information campaigns about the environment to increase each employee’s consciousness on environment.

In the keynote lecture at a commemorative event to mark the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol held on February 16, 2005, Deputy Environment Minister of Kenya and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Wangari Maathai stated that she had been impressed by the spirit of mottainai, and that she desired to spread that mindset throughout the world.